Children In The UK Are Seeing More Gambling 

Since the UK restrictions on games like online casino games advertising have been eased, a flourishing gaming sector has benefitted the United Kingdom. The sector is generally seen as a role model by nations that take into account its own approach to gambling regulation as responsible for the innumerable tens of thousands of employments nationally, not to mention the major contributions to government coffers.

But although most observers recognise the benefits of gaming, others have voiced worry about the effects of gambling advertising on vulnerable populations, especially those who can acquire gambling addictions. In particular, regulators were determined to guarantee that gambling advertising for those under legal age cannot be avoided by taking efforts to guarantee advertising was targeted more specifically for adults.

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Safeguard effectively 

These safeguards now appear to be functioning effectively, according to a recent publicity observation report from the Advertising Standards Agency. Your study, ‘Kids’ exposure to age-restricted TV advertisements published this week, shows TV commercials and the percent of youngsters watching alcohol advertising, junk food and age-restricted gambling services.

The analysis includes the period 2008 to 2017 and demonstrates an increase from 2.2 commercials seen weekly to 4.4 weekly advertisements in 2013 between 2008 and 2013. In 2013, laws for televised advertising in the gaming industry were revised just like in 12Joker Singapore bet online, which showed a declining trend in the meanwhile.

By 2017, children had an average of 2.8 gambling adverts each week, a reduction of approximately 37% from the high in 2008. Although all age-restricted advertising exposure categories fell during the same time, these results may be considered as a good confirmation of both the regulatory authorities and the industry’s actions towards safeguarding vulnerable sectors of society.

Criticised and influenced  

Regulators in the UK have been criticised for being too readily influenced by the whispering media, now in full anti-gambling movement. However, what these studies reveal is that with every year, the problem is less serious for youngsters watching age-restricted TV advertising.

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There is still work to be done yet the drop is to be applauded. In 2018 children still saw more commercials on gambling each week fractionally than children in 2008, and this statistic can and is definitely being shifted back to 2008 levels. But with such a significant decline from the 2013 high, it is evidently working effectively for business and authorities to curtail access for undertakings.

As the behaviour of media consumption becomes more and more online, these estimates will probably decrease further. By default, internet advertising is more targeted more than TV advertising, and it is hoped that the tendency to TV advertising online would ensure that progressively fewer children watch age-restricted advertisements.


But this is still a worthwhile struggle, and it has brought all the parties engaged considerably closer to parity with levels in 2008. There is no reason why these numbers cannot and shouldn’t decline much more with further efforts to improve target advertisements and safeguard youngsters in accordance with age limitations in future to play the gambling games.